June 21, 2011

Pollo Introductions

Here goes the next step in our urban farming adventure...the blog. Maybe this will help me to chronicle the action we have taken on these last 6 years here in Portland, Oregon....and help lead us to the point of having a few acres of our own one day.
This is the main attraction at Pollo Loco Homestead.  The chook palace.  Where all the action happens.

Introducing the leading lady.  Pepper, a Dominique, lays a small brown egg with dark speckles.  She rules the roost around here, and the other ladies respect that.

This is Red.  A Rhode Island Red (or a cross, I think), lays a nice brown egg just about every day (except for the last 2 months...and she appears to be molting--in Spring?)  She is never too far behind Pepper....she knows my camera may actually be a treat.

Godzilla, the Americauna.  Affectionately called Zilla.  She lays the pretty green-blue eggs.  You can see the dinosaur resemblance pretty well in this shot.

 And last, but not least, the bottom of the current pecking order...S'mores, another Americauna/Easter-Egger - she however lays a lovely large light pink egg. 

This time of year in the Pacific Northwest is a busy time for the urban farmer.  So much bed building and planting and fencing and water system-ing set up to get done.  Not to mention expanding the hen abode to make room for a few more chicks!  (and fixing the roof!)  I already steamer-juicer'd 7 quarts of fresh Oregon strawberries and canned them into syrup....pancakes, cocktails, baked goods are all in its future.
Next up....peaches....and cherries.  

Let's see how this blog action goes this summer....am I taking on one too many things?

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  1. You're definitely taking on too many things! But keep it up - variety is the spice of life I hear. I'd like to place my order for a light pink S'mores egg please ...