August 24, 2011

The "New" Farming Movement

I recently came across this article and I loved the image so much I felt I needed to share it.  The take on the American Gothic image is awesome.

Some people may not be aware, but there are a growing number of young people that are trying their hand at farming.  There are also a growing number of people trying to figure out why....  I think there are a few obvious reasons:
  • organic, healthy food is really expensive, but we still prefer to feed healthy food to our kids and ourselves
  • many people are feeling the effects of this recession/depression and need to cut costs wherever they can
  • industrial agriculture is poisoning our water and land
  • food deserts - urban and rural
Today's 20 and 30 and 40 somethings are addressing food justice issues head on.  They are obtaining small plots of land by purchasing, leasing or borrowing and are trying their hand at farming, sometime naively, but are slowly changing the way our food is grown. They are participating in opportunities like WWOOF that connect volunteers with organic farmers.  We need to take back farming from the few big corporations that are currently controlling our broken food system and encourage small scale sustainable farming.

Locally you can get involved and help support this farming movement by attending an InFARMation and Beer event, held once a month....get the details here.  Or become a member of Friends of Family Farmers.

Shop at your local farmer's market....we are lucky to be surrounded by so many in our community.

One of my reasons for living a more sustainable life - preservation of this gorgeous place we live in.
Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

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