August 15, 2011

Pollo Loco featured on Dog Island Farm

Today, Pollo Loco Homestead was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Dog Island Farm!

Please do go and check out their site, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge as far as all things urban farm.  Their farm is in Oakland, California where I lived for a few years before moving back to the Northwest.  I have a bit of farm envy, I will admit, as they have goats, rabbits, bees, chickens, turkeys, ducks and a huge garden packed into their urban lot.  They keep a running tally of their costs and savings from all that they produce on their site, which is something I keep planning to do and then do not actually take the time to log.

Honestly though, their site contains a vast amount of information and links to other sites with yet more information and I highly recommend them as a resource for everything from natural pest management to DIY projects and yummy recipes.

We are tremendously grateful to have been featured today, thank you Rachel and the rest of the contributors of Dog Island Farm!

Red, Smores and Pepper free ranging last May

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