September 21, 2011

Chicken-Keeping Top Ten

As if this video alone is not reason enough for you to go out and get 3 or 4 baby chicks of your own, here are my top ten:

10.  More chotskies - People now have a new kind of gift they can give you - anything with chickens.  Great for white elephant parties!
9.  Weed eaters - My girls are really good at eating and scratching up all the young new weeds in my beds.
8.  Free poop - Chicken poop is amazing fertilizer, I only end up buying extra compost when I am making new garden beds.
7.  Compost helpers - the girls will eat most all of our veggie kitchen waste (if it is too far gone, it goes straight to the composter)
6.  Kids love them - My teenagers loved them as not so much.  But they still enjoy some cred here in  Portlandia, where having chickens is cool with their peeps (no pun intended......ok maybe).
5.  Enhanced food security - You know where those eggs came from and your chickens are loved.
4.  Free pest control - They eat so many insects and they are quite good at it.  We have not had any large infestation issues since they moved in.
3.  Easy pets - They really do not require a lot of time (you do not have to walk them) and you can leave them in a secure coop for a couple days on their own.
2.  Chicken TV - Chickens are hilarious to watch. Little velociraptors in action.

and the number one reason to keep chickens is.......

1.  Eggs! - They plop out eggs every day. Yummy, tasty, healthy little omelets and scrambles waiting to happen.

Chicken Pile


  1. I want backyard chickens so badly - if only my city councilpersons would see sense! We'll keep trying!

  2. They are great entertainment, that's for sure. We like to throw a single worm or grasshopper into the run and watch them play "chicken rugby"... hilarious!