September 10, 2011

September Garden

The garden is starting to show the signs of autumn.  The tomato and squash plants are starting to brown in spots...I am just hoping more will ripen before the cool weather comes back to us.  We are in our 4th or 5th week of 75+ deg weather, finally!

Those are the volunteer squash that I unwound from the tomato's and strung out into the yard.  The chickens seem to mostly ignore the squash for now.  They are in some of these shots because they think that every time they see me I might just give them a treat.  Aaaand...I usually do.  They got a few yellow pear tomato's, a half eaten raspberry and few of the last blueberries today.  You can see a little orange pumpkin up close and a couple winter squash farther away.

Then here is another angle of the garden and you can see the coop in the background.  Those are marigolds growing in the front from seeds my Aunt gave me.  I sprinkled those seeds all over the place when I planted my starts, and there are little clumps growing all around the tomato's, it is very pretty.  I plan to add more flowers and herbs to the garden next year.

That is an artichoke growing there as well, but so far it has not produced any flower heads.  The raspberries are just starting to put on their second round of berries.  I will have to start another jug of country wine!

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