September 3, 2011

Toms at Long Last

So it seems we will be getting some sort of tomato harvest here after all.  It is September and this is my first bounty....other than the small bowl of cherry tomato's we made into bruschetta for our BBQ last weekend.  I think this load may make at least two quarts.  In past years I have ended up with at least 20 quarts or so, but I am afraid this is going to be a slim harvest....AND I planted 12 plants this year!

In this harvest:
Sweet Baby Girl
Yellow Pear
Oregon Spring
Cherokee Purple

The yellow pear, flame and cherokee purple are all from seed I have saved from past harvests, I have been growing them all for a few years now.

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  1. Very nice! I have had about a half dozen lemon boys (our first to ripen this season), and the beef steaks are just coming in now - we have eaten 3, one was lost to slugs and two will be ready in the next few days. They are trickling in for me, and most of them are going into salads. The romas are still green, as are the big boys. They come in very late here - we planted them in May!