November 14, 2011

From Apples to Cider

My sister and I started some home made hard cider a week ago made from local apples.

She belongs to a "mom's" group that is unlike any mom's group I have heard of before.  It is called Swapnplay.  They are a group of parents (both moms and dads) that share a space in the basement of a church building where they bring their little kiddoes and they can all play together in a safe environment while the parents connect with each other.  Possibly more importantly, they "swap" toys and clothing as their kids grow out of them.  It is a pretty amazing freecycle type system that works extremely well.  They have formed quite a tight knit community through this space and shared activities that include a camp out each summer.

Long preface to get to the point...the group rented an apple press and we joined in the fun for a Friday evening.  It takes about 10 pounds of apples for one gallon of juice.  Turns out my sister, The Hubs and I  ended up washing, sanitizing and quartering 120 pounds of apples!

We are following the loose instructions that I found on Kevin Kossowan's website....scroll down to the October 13 entry.  We are allowing it to ferment with natural yeasts, and it has been bubbling away for about 10 days now and we are now at 1.030 S.G.  Probably another week or so to go before we bottle.

This is the hydrometer, we need to end up halfway between 1.000 and 0.990.
I have a couple friends that have done this process many times with great results. I will keep you posted!

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