November 26, 2011

Velociraptor Tweens

Chicks grow fast.

The baby girls are about nine weeks old now.  They started on grower feed last week.

The five babies are getting so big, they long to be out in the big coop. Everyone is fully feathered out and able to withstand the quickly cooling weather. Today we had a bit of a sun break after days of dreary cold rain, so the little girls took advantage of this sunny day and went out in cages in the yard. The big girls were out as well, so the little girls remained in cages so as to avoid any skirmishes.

Myrtle and Coco are so much bigger than the other three:
Front to back: Myrtle (Gold Laced Wyandotte) and Coco (Cuckoo Marans)

Nugget should outgrow all of them, must just be a slower growing breed:
Front to back: Ebony (Black Australorp), Nugget (Light Brahma) and Eureka (Speckled Sussex)

Our orange tabby (with the highly original name of Pumpkin) wanted to say hello to the girls:

The tweens did not seem too upset.

The big girls are doing a good job of pretending to ignore the new additions. They remained at a safe distance in the lower yard, and only occasionally glanced in the tweens direction.

This weekend we plan to move the tweens into the coop inside these cages for a week or so. That way everyone can hopefully get used to each other before the real co-habitation begins.

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