December 9, 2011

Cider For the Holidays

I bottled the cider last week, and then I helped my sister bottle hers last weekend.  We are hoping we can crack open a couple bottles over the holidays!

There was a large amount of lees left over in the jugs.  I probably should have racked it at least once prior to bottling, but I am lazy that way.

We used to brew beer in college and we tended to enjoy seeing the bit of sediment in the bottom of the bottles as a symbol of the fact we made it ourselves.

The last swig didn't taste good, kind of yeasty really...but it meant we made it ourselves.

We re-used some flip top bottles we had saved up years and years ago...and by that I mean over 15 years ago.  That case had been moved many times.  I think it even went to San Francisco and then came back with me.

I am not a hoarder.

I just like to re-use what I can...yeah, that's it...I am a re-user, NOT a hoarder.

Finished product.  Twenty pounds of apples = two gallons of cider = seven wine size bottles of goodness.


  1. I love cider. I hope the cracking open comes on a weekend I'm visiting!!

  2. oh, it can. But that means you have to commit to hanging out with me...I know you will be here will need breaks.