March 20, 2012

First Egg!! (Maybe)

The "Little" girls are 25 weeks old this week.  They should all start laying any day now.

...and I think that one of them laid their first egg yesterday!  Check it out:

The egg on the left is the mystery laid egg, the egg on the right is for comparison.  The egg on the right is from my Dominque, Pepper, who lays small brown speckled eggs.  The new egg on the left is light brown and very small...bantam size small.

Since all of my new girls will be laying brown eggs...I have NO IDEA to whom this one belongs.  I have a feeling this will be the reality of it going forward, but because of the fact that we will soon be overwhelmed with all the eggs they will be producing, I don't care!  However, I am still bummed that my cuckoo marans turned out to be a rooster, I so want some chocolate brown eggs.  On the bright side, it gives me an excuse to get a couple chicks next year! (shhhh, don't tell the Hubs)


  1. Mel,
    My name is Lori and I am a friend of Erin's here in Fort Collins. She turned me on to your blog and I just love it. I was one of the folks that initiated the legalization of chickens in city limits here in Fort Collins. We are allowed 6 per household. How many do you have? I have been an 'urban farmer' most of my life. I just didn't know that's what people called it. It is still winter here with real spring a ways away, so its nice to see Spring somewhere. I'm trying to turn Erin into a gardner. The key word there is 'trying'. Keep it coming. I'm a huge fan already.

    1. Hey Lori!!! Yes, Erin has had lots of great things to say about you and then in the same breath she tells me we are both hippies and farmers and we would get along fabulously! She says it with the intention of mocking us - but I knew her in college...she was the one living in a co-op, not me. Ask her about her frog pajamas.
      We have 8 chooks now, was 9 but one of our chicks from last Fall turned out to be a rooster, so he became dinner one night...
      We can only have 3 in the city without a permit and no roosters. I have a permit for 10. Get Erin to suggest us as friends on FB! Congrats on your success with getting chickens allowed in Fort Collins! Would be great to meet you if you come out here with Erin or next time me and the hubs are in Colorado (his mom lives in Colorado Springs).