March 8, 2012

Hens of Destruction

Last weekend the Hubs, Neverella and I built a Hugelkultur bed.  A few days late for the February soil building Urban Farm Challenge, but the important thing is it was built!

This is what it looked like at completion:

And this is what it looks like today:

Bad chooks!!!
The girls have a sixth sense....they can sense the change in the force that is freshly turned soil and they are on it - instantly.

The problem I believe, was my brilliant, or so I thought, idea to change their range from the entire backyard to just the garden (to the right in this photo) for now. The idea being that they would help prepare the garden beds for planting by scratching around in there and mixing all the compost I had spread around.

But they foiled my plan.
They escaped.  All eight of them....and by the time they were discovered it was too late.  I guess the allure of that big pile of dirt was too much for them.  They pushed their way out through some weak points in the fencing that have now been fixed.

Fencing.  It is truly something that always needs fixing.  Life of a farmer.

Stay tuned for the March Urban Farm Challenge!


  1. Mel no worries! Just pile the dirt back up and next time insert some sticks around what you've planted so they can't scratch it up. Your chickens are just being chickens!

    1. Yes, they are just being chickens. They are REALLY good at their jobs, I give 'em that.
      Hopefully their new "run" area keeps them more entertained!

  2. Looks about right!

    Celia (gardener with hens)