April 23, 2012

Spring Planting

The weather today was amazingly beautiful and glorious. Every single person in this moss covered, mildew laden city was outside walking, biking and playing.  Having grown up in this place, and having lived in a sunnier clime for years and then moved back, I feel I have earned the right to criticize our dreary wet, cold winters.  Don't get me wrong, I love how green it is year round, I love living minutes away from temperate rain forests, sandy beaches and a gorgeous mountain range.  However, I despise the days of endless rain in the winter. November to March is dreary...some years (like 2011) the dreariness continues well into July.

But days like today, 81 degrees and blue skies, in April, make it all worth it.  We got out our bikes and rode down one of the many dedicated bikeway streets, across the river to the downtown waterfront.  The place was so packed we had to walk our bikes.  We watched the hordes playing in the huge public fountain and then biked our way back home.  Lovely day.

Now onto more important topics....the asparagus is coming up!!

All three of my plants survived (I planted crowns here for my mom about 5 years ago) and are sending up delicious shoots of green and purple.

Our cherry tree has just about finished blooming. I need to go get the netting to place over the bamboo frame we set last weekend.

You can see all the plant tags from the seeds Neverella and I planted last weekend below.  Some of the herb seeds are already sprouting today.

Hope everyone enjoyed this weekend as much as we did.

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