July 18, 2012

Watermelon Update

My attempt to grow melons this year is progressing. There are four Mickylee watermelon and one Charentais (french cantelope) from seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery. You can order their seeds online, they also have whole plants, potatoes, garlic and asparagus crowns seasonally.

I am growing them in the cold frame I built on the concrete patio. The marigold geranium (why do I always get them mixed up?) in the front is there to attract pollinators while I have it open during the warm days.

There is one itty bitty watermelon growing...but I forgot to take a photo, I will update again soon.  I hand pollinated the flower myself, as the bees seem to be too busy with all the clover in my grass and the borage blooming in the herb garden.

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately, we have been having some fantastic weather and I have found it hard to sit down long enough in front of the computer (after a long day at work-on the computer) long enough to write posts! I will get better.

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