August 22, 2012

Cucs Cucs Cucs!

We all have something each year that grows in excess in the garden.  This year, I think it is cucumbers for me. Considering that in the past I have barely been able to get them to grow...this year is trying to make up for all that.

This week, I have picked over five pounds of cucs. This one was hiding in the trellis and is a bit larger than I like them to get. The smaller ones have sweeter skins.

I planted three different varieties, but so far the Straight 8's are the only ones setting.

Anyone have a good cucumber salad recipe? (FYI, I am not a pickle fan.)


  1. My cucumbers are also plentiful this year. Must be the perfect storm for cucumbers. When you say you don't like pickles, do you mean you don't like vinegar? I love this light vinegar cucumber salad.
    There's also a link to one with sour cream in it you might like.

    1. No, I like vinegar in salad (thanks for the recipe!)....I am just not big on fermented things. I am looking for a cinnamon pickle recipe that does not use pickling lime or alum though...if you know of one.