August 15, 2012

Lowering our footprint a bit more

We do not drink soda on a regular basis.  Occasionally some finds its way into our refrigerator-- most likely for use in making cocktails or if the kids have begged for it on a day where I give in to their never ending sugar intake desire. The latter being a rarer occasion than cocktails (I know, poor children).

The part of soda that appeals to The Hubs and I is the carbonation. We are very frequent buyers of plastic liter and half liter bottles of sparkling water and by doing so are probably negating many of the other things we do to reduce our carbon footprint. It is (or was) a conundrum.

Sometimes life just offers up coincidences and parallel trains of thought that coalesce into life changing events. If you can consider a sparkling water maker a life changing event. We drink a lot of the stuff, so for us it is a life changing event. In the past few weeks I learned a friend and colleague and fellow sustainable life enthusiast of mine has had a soda maker since last Christmas and LOVES it.  She is a daily carbonated water drinker and after over 6 months is only now replacing the first CO2 cartridge....and she pointed out that the cartridges have to be returned and exchanged for refills. That was about the tipping point for me, because as you can imagine that issue is what I was most worried about...that the cartridges were disposable.  They can be re-used!  Joy!

Then, last weekend our friend with the farm brought his Sodastream out to the farm fiesta and we learned how easy it was to make sparkling water. It takes less than a minute to make a fresh bottle of it! AND--it does not use electricity!  Seriously.  Can this magic machine get any better?

We are now the proud owners of a Sodastream Genesis. Apparently there are models available that use glass bottles and that would be ideal, but none of the stores near us carried them, and the machines were twice the cost. The Genesis uses special plastic bottles with screw lids that seal in the carbonation for days.

This little guy will pay for itself within a year!

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