September 4, 2012

First Tomato?

This is the first tomato harvested from our garden this year:

Think this is an Oregon Spring--which should have ripened in July.

THIS IS SEPTEMBER 3rd!!!!!!!!!!

Those little flea beatle buggers really did a number on my young plants.  This is the only ripe tomato in my garden.  The plants are laden with fruit, but nothing is rip yet. I am hoping for a few more weeks of warm weather.

I planted some radishes next to the plants and they did seem to attract the flea beatles....and although they did not succeed in killing the plants, they did stunt their growth long enough to radically affect the growing season. I may have to buy (gasp!) some tomato's this year if I am going to can them.

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  1. That really is too bad. We had one of the worst droughts this summer, but the tomatoes did great. I will think of you as I eat some this evening. Favorite variety is one called Mortgage Lifter.