August 4, 2011

August Garden

Prepare yourselves people.
It has finally happened.

Here in Portland....summer has finally arrived!

And with summer finally here, the first tomato's!!!!

Sweet Baby Girl - cherry tomato

It has been hovering around 80 degrees for over two weeks.  Our vitamin D levels are finally approaching normal levels.  I have picked three cartons of blueberries, and three yellow patty pan squash.  The hubs threw the first one in a fantastic vegetable curry this week.  Yum.

The summer squash and tomato's have taken over the garden:
Leeks flowering

See this post for what it looked like a few weeks ago.  I really packed them in this year....guess we are going to have to expand more into the lawn next year.

The girls trying to go to bed:

Red: "Did you have to use the flash, woman?"

How are your gardens coming along?

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