October 5, 2011

Farm Babies

The girls (my teenage girls...not the chickens) and I went and picked up some baby chicks at our local farm store.  It was really exciting.  So exciting that despite my plan to go in there calmly and decide which breeds we wanted...CALMLY...we discovered that all the breeds I had been wanting were available!!!  And...it was impossible to slow down, so we decided to get five new little babies.

As you can see it was hard to contain the excitement:

Sassafras, as she will be known, holding three chicks
Here are the new introductions:
Cocoa - Cuckoo Marans that will lay the large chocolate brown eggs I covet.
Nugget - Light Brahma with feathered feet!  (lg. light brown eggs)
Myrtle - Gold Laced Wyandotte (lg. brown eggs)
Ebony - Black Australorp she will grow up to have beautiful black feathers with a green sheen  (lg. brown eggs)
Eureka - Speckled Sussex (med. brown eggs)
This is a good breed chart if you want to learn more about the different chicken breeds.  We are very excited to see these girls grow up into their beautiful feathers!  The "old" girls do not know yet that they will be sharing their coop with these newcomers, life is going to change in the chook palace.  My family clamors for more eggs and I have not been able to share for months, so obviously something had to be done. Our older girls have really slowed down as of this summer on the egg production, they are all at least 2 1/2 years old (an age where production hens are typically replaced with younger laying pullets). For now, we still plan to have our older girls live out their days here at Pollo Loco convent.


  1. How cute!! Have fun with the new additions!

  2. Ooh so cute! My 3 year old daughter asked where the baby chicks went yesterday that we had this past Spring. I had to go out and pick one of them up to show her they get bigger and bigger. :) We also live in the pdx area sort of.