October 6, 2011

Rooster Alert


I think the Cuckoo Marans is a boy.  I could be over reacting, but he, I mean she (innocent until proven otherwise?) is just much bolder than the others.  Then there are the physical traits.  Much more pronounced comb that his sisters.  Bigger legs.

I wouldn't be so suspicious, but I have been here before.  Meet Teriyaki:

Teriyaki was one of our first three chicks we brought home back in 2009.  A beautiful example of his Delaware breed. Teriyaki crowed a couple times as a wee boy and then by the time he looked like this at 6 months he was crowing day and night. ALL THE TIME.  Luckily our neighbors all thought it was nice and quaint to hear a rooster.  But since it is illegal to have a rooster within the city of Portland, he had to go.  He went to live on a farm in Mulino, a small town outside Portland. No seriously, he really did...it isn't just a story we tell the girls.  He is quite happy there I hear.

This is Teriyaki at three weeks:

Here is Cocoa (the Cuckoo Marans) today:

I am telling you those feet and that comb look very familiar.

Cocoa is on the right.  Look at that stance!
I have to call Urban Farm Store tomorrow to see if I can make an exchange.

In the meantime, I think Nugget may be my favorite.  So mellow and sweet.

And feathered feet!

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