January 3, 2012

Cider Update

While our family spent the week of Christmas together in the mountains of Central Oregon, my sister and I tried the cider. And we tried some more.

And then we opened another one.

The results:  Fantastic!!! Very much on the dry side, slightly tart, but real apple flavor coming through and just enough carbonation. Not too bad for our first try and for not adding any extra yeasts.

We are excited to try some more. Although we are looking into cheaper or no cost apple sources. The Northwest grows a lot of apples and we have a couple connections to some friends with orchards. We are also looking into some cider press sharing locations. These will bring our costs way down and allow us to produce more cider!

I learned to love drinking cider when I was living in Scotland during university, Scrumpy Jack was our favorite. If you are looking to try more ciders, as it is growing in popularity recently, try Bushwhacker  Cider in SE Portland. They have an array of rotating taps and many many bottles to taste.

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