January 30, 2012

Setting up the Grow Op

Today I took on the task of getting my seed growing area cleaned up and ready to go. My growing area is located in our spacious unfinished basement. Needless to say, after a few months of no use, my allotted area begins to accumulate all kinds of things that belong elsewhere. So today I put all those things away in their proper locations and covered my particle board-cheapest-tables-ever from Ikea with some new plastic sheeting to keep them from getting wet. Last year I used the plastic from a wall painting session and it was too flimsy and got too many holes too easily. I bought the 2 mil stuff this time, will see how it goes.

Grow Op Central

One of my lights has actual full spectrum lamps and the other has regular fluorescent lamps. I was worried last year that the regular lamp would not work as well, but that is not the case. I have researched this issue and the plants do in fact grow better with full spectrum, but the seedlings are not that particular. So I move the larger plants under my full spectrum lamps when they are ready.

I plan to start some tomatoes next weekend. I start them early to try to give them a head start on our summer growing season. The last couple summers here have been so cold and wet that the harvest has not been ideal, but by starting them early I at least do get somewhat of a harvest.

Potting Station

This is my planting station. This is one of the things that my Mom added to this house and I am so glad she did! There is running water, storage and the best part can be seen in the next photo.

Dirt drawer!

There is a grill in the countertop over a dirt drawer! Makes potting up plants and setting seeds so easy, and less messy. (The cabinet was an original kitchen cabinet.)

I have gone through all my seeds and organized them into a one container separating them by plant family. I have logged everything into my new seed spreadsheet. I found this new spreadsheet on NW Edible Life, it is a free download and I love how you can track the age of your seeds and add notes about how the veggies turned out.

Then I attached one of my old wood boxes to the wall above the cabinet to hold the seed I save from my garden and my extra jars.  Empty spice jars are perfect for saving seed.

Seed storage

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  1. How did the plastic sheets go? I think you made the right choice purchasing them for this project. I mean, some used plastics won’t satisfy you for long. I bet these two plastic sheets did! They perfectly fit the tables… perfect for you to do all your work without worrying so much. ;)
    Jeleryl Comisky