January 19, 2012

Which Potato Would You Rather Eat?

This child learned a valuable lesson about the toxins in our food supply from a school science experiment.

Our family simply cannot afford to buy all organic fruits and vegetables 100% of the time.  This is the primary reason I wanted to grow our own food.  At the least, I know the food I grow has not been exposed to any directly applied toxic chemicals.  There are airborne toxins that likely float into my yard from the neighbors or the nearby traffic, but at least I know that my produce is much less toxic that that of the conventionally grown produce available at the local market.

Pesticide/herbicide use poisons soils and thereby poisons food.  There are those out there that tout, along with Monsanto, that the use of Round Up is acceptable.
"Among the growing concerns over heavy use of glyphosate based pesticides are links to human and livestock health risks including cancer, fertility issues, birth defects, organ damage and neurological disorders."
Pesticide/herbicide use is not acceptable when it comes down to my family's health.  It is not acceptable in relation to the way it damages soil and compromises the health of farmland and pollinators.

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