January 13, 2012

Yep, She's a He.

It's official.

We have another rooster. You may recall I had my suspicions back in October. I called the Urban Farm Store, where I purchased my chicks and Robert, the owner, assured me it was too hard to tell at this age. I also went back to look at "her" sisters and they all appeared to look the same. Very upright, pronounced comb already at only a few weeks old.

But this last weekend, The Hubs and I heard a distinctive non-hen sound coming from the backyard. I went out to investigate but did not witness the sound being made again.

But, this morning. This morning, there is no denying. I heard a full "cock a doodle doo". I looked out the window and I watched her HIM crow a few times, then he chased after a couple hens, full neck feathers flaring and everything!

Coco the Cockerel looming over his flock

Coco looking rather un-rooster like.  His wings cover the haunch
feathers that are starting to turn down

Coco standing alert and upright, I do not see any sign of spurs yet.

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