February 8, 2012

Egg Anomaly

Sometimes they just don't come out quite right.

My Americauna, Godzilla, laid this little bitty egg yesterday.  Inside it had just a wee spot of yolk surrounded by whites. It became part of some yummy french toast the Hubs made!

Chickens do not always lay perfect eggs. This is something that in concept makes sense - nature is not perfect, but is hard to fathom until you see it for yourself. Sometimes the eggs comes out elongated, sometimes much more round.  Sometimes they have odd calcium formations on the ends. Knowing how many eggs my girls lay that are odd, the factory egg farms must throw out a lot of eggs in order to fill all those egg cartons with perfectly formed eggs.  What happens to them, I wonder?

The little brown one with spots was laid by our Dominique, Pepper.  Her eggs are almost always spotted, but occasionally they are not. They are all usually this same size, small (in comparison to regular sized supermarket eggs).

The white/pinkish one on the right was laid by S'mores, our other Americauna.  She should lay green or blue eggs, but she instead lays pink ones. Nature is not perfect, or she may be a cross, who knows. I do know she lays the biggest eggs of all my current girls.  They are about the size of the supermarket "extra large" eggs.

My younger girls should start laying in the next few weeks, it will be fun to figure out which hen lays which egg.  It may be a challenge to keep track of eight layers!


  1. I've heard of yolk-less eggs called Wind Eggs or Fart Eggs. Guess which one my kids prefer? LOL

    (NOTE: We have 19 chickens, all leghorns, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell who layed what!)

  2. You have your own Easter eggs every day, how fun!