February 9, 2012

Grow Op Update - First Planting

I planted some seeds last weekend.

NW Edible Life has fantastic lists for projects to do in preparation for your garden, check out her Monthly To Do Lists.  I love that she is also in the Pacific NW, if a bit farther North and so our to-do's are in sync.

I already have rhubarb and asparagus growing in our garden, so that was done!  (I also love checking things off of lists)

Under the grow lights went the following: cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, green onions, leeks, tomato's and peppers.

We have onions and garlic growing that I planted last Fall, they all have nice green shoots coming out of the ground.  Hopefully any frosts do not harm them.

I am going to get some lettuce and other greens going in large pots to set out on the porch. My plan is to plant greens every month so I have a continuous supply this year. I need to get some peas in the ground, and also decide where I am going to set up the cold frame this year.

Most of my seeds are ordered from Nichols Garden Nursery, because I like their selection, although I do buy a few from Territorial or Seed Savers Exchange. This time of year it is hard to resist the seed displays when at the farm store getting chicken feed. I long for warm sunny days and the brightly colored seed packages seem to make me feel better.

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