March 26, 2012

Chook Art

This week I am excited to feature a guest blogger and help plug his endeavors. I do believe many of you will be interested in his work!

Joseph and I worked together at the same architecture firm years ago, and after the mass layoff of architecture professionals in the Portland area (and the entire country) we each found our own way moving on to other adventures. He on the path of self employment and pursuing his creativity and myself on the path of commercial real estate and sustainability.
Welsummer Rooster

Joseph posted these fantastic prints of his friends chickens on Facebook the other day and I have been wanting to share them with you ever since:

Thank you Melynda for allowing me to guest-write on your blog. Mel and I worked together in the same company several years ago. I have since followed my own path working as an artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. Although I will draw anything that clients request of me, my favorite task is creating portraits of people's chickens. My wife and I are chicken lovers having five hens running amuck in our backyard. All I need for this task are eye-level digital photos of their chicken(s) a short blurb about the chicken(s) in question and $40 for each bird which also covers shipping and handling of the signed, finished artwork. It's $35 if the client picks up the finished piece. Two portraits of very proud roosters are shown below.

It takes me about two weeks to complete each full-color portrait based on my current workload. You can see more samples of my work on my website:, my tumblr site at, and my deviant art page at My email adress is jboquiren at comcast dot net. My cell is 503 473 5579.

Bok, bok, bok!!
Joseph Boquiren

Cochin Rooster

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