April 16, 2012

Chicken Butt

This weekend was gorgeous and sunny and warm! We took advantage of the weather and made some grand strides on the garden.  I planted the potatoes in a nice hill and topped them with straw. We set up the cage around our cherry tree, just need to buy the netting and wrap it before the cherries start to form--the birds are NOT the only ones that will enjoy cherries this year. Neverella and I weeded a large section of the flower bed in a sunny part of the yard and planted all the herb starts and also lots of flower seeds along our fence; amaranth, sunflowers and hollyhocks.

I also enlarged the chicken run for the girls and decided it was time for another photoshoot:

Myrtle the Gold Laced Wyandotte

Nugget the Light Brahma

Eureka the Speckled Sussex

Ebony the Black Australorp

Double butt - Nugget and Godzilla the Americauna


  1. Hi Mel! There is something so endearing about chicken butts. They're so soft and fuzzy. It's nice I'm not the only one who thinks so. Spring is here in the Rockies and I'm planting my garden this weekend. Keep it coming!

    1. Hey Lori! Chicken bloomers are the best. LOVE them.
      It is supposed to be in the upper 70's this weekend....although it was misting down Seattle style today. I cannot wait to be out in the garden tomorrow!

  2. This is our first year with a speckled sussex and they look to be beautiful ladies when full grown. :)