April 5, 2012

Seed Starting Challenge

April's Urban Farm Challenge is seed starting!  Erica at Northwest Edible Life has all the details HERE.  If you leave a comment on her blog about what you are growing this month you will be entered to win a year of Urban Farm Magazine.  Yes, there is a magazine for that.  I have bought a few copies over the years and learned some great information about bee keeping and soil building.

You can see my current seed growing operation here and here.

This is where my seed starting experience started at my old house.  The only space I had was the top of my washer and dryer...and I used a desk lamp.  To my surprise this worked out fine.  I grew some great tomato's that year.

Are those not lovely August toms?  All started on top of my dryer in February.

This years setup comes complete with a guard cat:

This year I have planted seed for an herb garden Neverella and I are going to plant in the sunny part of the backyard.  Now that the chickens are being penned in a rotating field style operation, I can plant what I want in the flower beds.

New to me herbs started this year include borage, chamomile, echinacea, sage, bergamot, calendula.

I am also using NW Edible's seed database this year, it is fantastic and she offers it on her blog for FREE.

What are you growing this year that is new to you?


  1. I definitely need to get a plant card cat!

  2. My cat eats my seedling! I've had to just plant twice the amount of seeds so she can eat a few and I don't go postal.

    1. Oh no! Maybe stick some wheat grass next to them?

  3. I use a desk lamp to start seeds too. Its my first year and I didn't want to make a huge investment if it wasn't something I was going to continue doing. I'm really pleased to hear that someone else has made this work.

  4. Looks great! I had trouble growing things inside. Maybe I'll try again. You make it sound possible. :)