May 4, 2012

Friday Farm - Chook Ornaments

Last weekend we attended the annual Trash to Treasure event hosted by the St. Johns Swap N Play.    Their mission, from their website:

We exist to establish and maintain a network of families whose mission is threefold: (1) provide material resources and promote sustainability of the Portland metropolitan area through community sharing efforts (2) provide educational resources to children, parents and families, and (3) collaborate in partnerships with other organizations to create and implement large scale community outreach projects that provide educational and material resources for North Portland communities.

They have a shared space in the basement of a church in the North Portland neighborhood of St. Johns where parents can bring their kids to play with other kids, meet with other parents, leave clothes and toys their families have outgrown and take items they need.

You may remember that my sister and I helped with their apple crush last fall that resulted in some amazing hard cider!

The Trash to Treasure event is similar to a neighborhood cleanup, except you can bring more than just the non-curbside recyclables.  You can bring clothes, household items, garden tools/equipment and leave it there...and take whatever you find that is irresistible.  It is like a big FREE swap meet!

Next year I am taking a lot more stuff to give away.  At the end of the day, whatever is not taken is picked up by the local Goodwill for their charity.

The Hubs found these for me:

How could I resist them?  Now what to do with them?

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