June 8, 2012

Friday Farm - Unlikely Beauty

This is our driveway.

It is mostly a seldom used pathway between our front yard and the back.  The back porch juts out into it, so the cars stay out front, there is no real drive to the garage anymore - our garage is our farm supply shed.  Our garbage and recycling and streetside compost bins sit on the left next to the porch.  Our wood pile is located along the house to the left and sometime after I left the house for college the new neighbors built a fence to separate their side yard from our "unsightly" driveway.

However, I think the driveway is far from unsightly.  It has become this beautiful edge to our property, lined with azaleas, roses, poppies, columbine, snap dragons, love in the mist, iris and in the center a lovely dark purple lilac.  Somehow the aging wood fence, the moss covered exposed aggregate of the concrete and all the flowers blooming completely transform this place each Spring and Summer.

Maybe it just needs a cafe table and a couple chairs.

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