July 26, 2012

Broccoli and the Super Garden

We returned from camping last weekend and it was as if my garden had suddenly come alive! Everything had literally grown two feet!

Cucumbers (lemon, straight 8's and a pickling variety).

I may have gone overboard with the amount of plants, we will see.

The tomato's are finally kicking it in gear and surviving their flea beetle infestation.

There are even blooms!

The pole beans are making their way up the bamboo:

They are definitely a bit crowded, but so far do not seem to mind.

The hugelkultur is becoming a bit overwhelmed by the volunteer squash so I keep trimming back the squash and redirecting their vines. Do any of you know what that feathery tree like looking plant is in the middle of the photo? I do not recognize it from any of my seeds....it may be a weed...

Two lovely broccoli heads were picked last night:

They smell delicious, I cannot wait until the hubs cooks them up in something yummy. There are at least four more forming in my brassica bed.


  1. Your feathery interloper looks like it could be Cosmos?

    1. oh, really?
      I left a couple standing.....so will see if they bloom... The little bitch chicken messed up my hugelkultur so much there is not telling what got piled back on!