August 3, 2012

Slow Postings and Tractor Driving

Sorry for the lack of posts y'all, this summer is getting away from me!  I am sure some of you feel the same. The garden is going crazy, the kids are off to camp, back from camp, off again...and we have so many jobs under construction this summer that my work days are as hectic as my "free" time.

AND, to top it all off...or I guess, to kick off the last month of my 30's, I am throwing myself a party at a friends farm this weekend! This was the only weekend this month that we could work it into the summer schedule.  It also happens to be the same weekend that a local music festival happens, called Pickathon.

These canopies are hovering over the main stage and can be seen about 100 yards across the field from my friends farm:

Pickathon Main Stage
The farm is located less than 20 minutes from our house.  Thanks to (or because of) Portland's Urban Growth Boundary, we can drive 15 minutes in most directions and find farmland. They grow apple, pear, cherry and fliberts, grapes and blueberries. It has a little red barn and last weekend the kids went with us to help do some set up for the party.

Then our friend Greg, the same one that taught us how to process our rooster, showed the girls and The Hubs how to drive his old '69 tractor.

They had a blast.

Have a good weekend, I will post more next week!!!!

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