August 13, 2012

Purple Potato Invasion

These represent maybe one tenth of the potato's we will harvest this year:

My potato plants started turning yellow and then all of a sudden they were brown and dried up and dead. This seemed a little early for them to be ready to harvest, but after about a week, I decided to dig in and see what was up. This is the first year I had attempted them in the ground instead of burlap bags...I built up the sides with some wood stakes and branches from the lilac tree we took down to make room for the Italian Plum tree.

The idea is to build up soil and straw and compost around the potato plants as they grow....allowing the potato plant to produce more potato's along this growth.  Mine did not do this.  I built up with straw and soil but the potatoes only formed at the base.  Maybe it is this purple variety.  Maybe the build up was not dense enough.  Maybe they did not get enough water. Gardening is an experiment for me almost every day.  Next year I will try it a bit differently and see what happens.

But having found these beautiful little purple balls of yumminess, I must have done it right enough. We roasted them along with some of the walla walla's on the grill at the farm party last weekend and shared with our friends.  They were fantastic with just some butter and salt. Success.

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