August 20, 2013

Do Not Drink the Water

I toured the Bullitt Center in Seattle last May. It is the first Living Building that is a commercial office building. This means that the building supplies and treats all its own water, produces all its own electricity and nothing used in the construction is toxic to the planet or living organisms.

The composting toilet system for a six story office building was really fascinating to me.

As if we did not know we should NOT drink the water. Another item to note, there is not really any water in this system...just a bit of water to coat the bowl with the special gel that enables everything to run down the pipes to the composters in the basement.

In addition, the compost that is made is used in the city composting program....and soon I may be lucky enough to be involved in a Living Building project here in Portland.

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  1. Neat-o! I hope you get, or have gotten to do this too.