October 26, 2011

Food Swap Follow Up

The food swap was a lot of fun! It was so exciting and inspiring to see all the items everyone had put their creativity, love and time into making.

There were jams and jellies, sauces and chutneys and pesto, beer, liqueurs, produce from urban gardens, all kinds of things pickled and fresh chantrelles picked that morning in the local forest!

And homemade challah!  From another local blogger Jessica of We Gather in the Woods.

The hubs joined me, the curiosity of this event was too much for him to resist. I am really glad he came with me as he really helped during the crazy swap period as it got a little chaotic. But definitely fun chaos. He also helped in explaining some of the things I brought. I did go ahead and make a few lotions and balms....I am so glad I did as they were a big hit! I discovered too late that someone had brought home made ice cream...bummer.

Here is our loot from the night:

Tomato butter, cranberry sauce and chutney, gluten free crackers, walnut liqueurs (score!), pesto, kimchee, vanilla pickles, asian pears, maraschino cherries, a strawberry plant, a large jar of dried Italian plums, CHOCOLATE PEANUT SAUCE (I mean c'mon!). And the chantrelles....I consider these one of THE best items I scored at this swap--we ate them tonight sauteed in butter and garlic over a yummy scramble The Hubs made.

There are links to PDX Swappers here.  The next swap is December 11th, see the info on their site.  I plan to bring more potions and maybe some of my raspberry wine....and maybe my mom, she was pretty excited by the loot!

Pollo Loco swap offerings - note the little ingredient tags.


  1. Aw, thanks for the link love! Beautiful pictures, and I'm jealous of the loot you brought home. Seems I mostly traded for beer...

  2. Homebrew is the best!!! I am sure you will enjoy the taste testing!